World’s first receiver that combines the extreme bandwidth of direct sampling (2GHz instantaneous Nyquist bandwidth) with unprecedented high dynamic range

Real-time visibility into the entire Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum is needed more so now than ever before. This need is driven by 21st century issues: the scarcity of the licensed spectrum, the critical need to optimize the use of it for a new generation of applications, for avoiding interferences and most importantly the challenge for defeating malicious threats, a growing concern given the current geo-political climate. The RF spectrum changes constantly and there are no platforms available today that continuously monitor all of it (100% duty cycle, high bandwidth) with usable dynamic range, making it extremely hard to get real-time visibility and access to accurate information to Defense, Telecoms, and other enterprises…

A foundational invention, the ability to detect weak RF signals in the presence of very strong signals, is at the heart of a new approach to digitize all radio waves with unprecedented sensitivity (down to the thermal noise floor) and one that has driven the inventors, John D. Sahr, Professor of Electrical Engineering and head of Radar Remote Sensing Laboratory (RRSL) at the University of Washington (UW) and Anthony P. Goodson, 25-year aerospace industry veteran, to team up with Mohan Vaghul, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at UW’s CoMotion and Semiconductor Executive, to spin out OneRadio Corporation.

Using the invention, the company has developed a wideband radio receiver platform called OneRadio, that allows for extremely broadband RF reception with a very high dynamic range with the ability to observe all the changes going on in the entire RF spectrum and making sense out of them to enable a new generation of applications in system monitoring and analysis, passive radar, communications, industrial IoT and many other markets.

OneRadio’s mission is to be a leader in providing real-time visibility and access into the entire RF spectrum through its platform and services which will over time be enhanced by analytics, intelligence and learning, targeting governmental and non-governmental institutions allowing them to address the spectrum challenges of the future.

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OneRadio Platform Features

OneRadio Feature Value OneRadio Feature Value
Operational Sampling Rate 4 GSPS Max Input Power 10 dBm
Instantaneous Bandwidth 2.0 GHz Data Recording Rate 2 GSPS
Sensitivity -193 dBW/Hz DAC Nyquist Bandwidthr 2 GHz
Instantaneous Dynamic Range > 100 dB Platform Processing Capacity ~8 TFlops