OneRadio™ Platform

A foundational invention, the ability to detect weak RF signals in the presence of very strong signals, is at the heart of a new approach to digitize all radio waves with unprecedented sensitivity (down close to the thermal noise floor) and one that has driven the inventor, Anthony P. Goodson, to team up with Mohan Vaghul to spin out OneRadio Corporation from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Using the invention the company has developed a wide-band receiver platform called OneRadio that allows for extremely broadband RF reception with very high dynamic range to enable a new generation of applications.

The OneRadio™ MVP platform is an extremely powerful platform. At this point in time, OneRadio is only engaging with early adopters. Please contact OneRadio if are interested in purchasing the MVP platform.

OneRadio™ Platform
  • Displays the entire 0 – 2.5 GHz of the RF spectrum continuously 
  • Zoom into multiple 125 MHz bands of the spectrum
  • Save any 125 MHz band of the spectrum to the hard drive
  • Save the entire 2.5 GHz spectrum to the hard drive (in development)
  • Programmable access to entire 2.5 GHz spectrum using nVidia’s GPU
  • On-site training, and support
  • Technical consulting for customizations