Video of OneRadio 1.0 in Operation

The demo shows the OneRadio 1.0 with the JTM25 receiver module in operation. The OneRadio is directly attached to a roof-top discone omni-directional broad-band antenna at the OneRadio facilities in Seattle, WA.

  • The main display is a waterfall plot that shows the spectrum from 0 – 2.5 GHz
  • The two zoom windows show the spectrum in the UHF band
    • Upper zoom centered at 552.9 MHz shows multiple television stations
    • Lower zoom centered at 709 MHz shows multiple LTE base stations (eNode-B’s)

The raw IQ data is available for processing. The JTM25 receiver module performance is equivalent to a direct sample 5 GSPS ADC with 13 ENOB. There is no band filtering or analog conditioning between the antenna and the JTM25 receiver module.