OneRadio™ Technology

OneRadio’s patented High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology (implemented in the JTM25 receiver module) was developed to bring high dynamic range to direct sample systems, enabling “mixer-less” and “filter-less” operations in real-world environments. With this dynamic range, the JTM25 receiver module can literally be attached to the antenna and provide full Nyquist bandwidth sampling. The JTM25 receiver module samples at 5 GigaSamples-per-second (GSPS); the Nyquist bandwidth is 2.5 GHz. The per-sample Effective Number of Bits (ENoB) at 5 GSPS is greater than 13, at least 4 bits greater than any current commercially available high-speed ADCs. The technology continues to be effective and applicable as the ADC technologies evolve, giving a significant edge to systems using the OneRadio technology.


      The HDR algorithm is fully implemented in a single Xilinx FPGA (XCKU-085) resulting in a small form factor design and a stepping stone to a potential ASIC solution.

      CLB LUT’s69%
      Block RAM Tile68%
      Operating Temperature75C

      HDR Performance

      Sampling Rate5 GSPS
      Instantaneous Nyquist Bandwidth2.5 GHz
      ENOB (across the entire 2.5 GHz IBW)
      (4-5 ENOB better than other high-end solutions)
      Max Input Power (dBm)15
      Sensitivity (dBW/Hz)-195
      Dynamic Range [1 Hz] (dB)180
      Linear SFDR (dBc)~70

      HDR vs. No HDR Comparison

      The images show the difference between what parts of the spectrum is visible and accessible on the OneRadio 1.0 System with HDR turned ON (left image) and OFF (right image). This unprecedented visibility and access is at the core of what enables a new generation of applications that have been difficult to implement on wide-band receivers in the past.

      High Dynamic Range (0 – 2.5 GHz)
      Standard Direct Sample (0 – 2.5 GHz)