Enabling a new generation of RF Applications

OneRadio announces grant of high dynamic range transceiver patent

technology has the ability to nearly double the ENOB performance of analog to digital converters

“Achieving High Dynamic Range has been the holy grail in RF operations for the last 40 years, and OneRadio has achieved it.” – Dr. Anthony P. Goodson, Co-founder, OneRadio Corporation

Changing the way we see and access the RF Spectrum

unleashing the power of OneRadio™ Technology

How many Cell-phone transmissions can you see?

search the entire RF spectrum

How many cell phones can you see?

identify the transmitters

Can you locate Cell-phone #40?

locate the transmitter

OneRadio™ Platform

Unprecedented Visibility & Access

Real-time access to 0 – 2.5 GHz of the RF spectrum

Extremely High Dynamic Range

2 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth with the ability to see weak RF signals in the presence of strong signals

Ground breaking application Widgets

Widgets that enable markets & applications that have never been possible before

Your digital eye into the entire RF Spectrum